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What Makes KickIt Fitness and Nutrition Different?

There’s a simple reason why our clients love us, get amazing results, and never leave – our KickIt Five Fitness Essentials Formula.

Accountability & Goal Setting

We often say that we don’t sell fitness. Yes of course we have amazing trainers, incredible, fat-burning, super-fun classes, but that’s not really what we are about. Think about it – what’s missing from every “Big Box” gym out there – someone who will hold you accountable, care whether or not you come in each week, help you set goals, and know whether you are making progress. They most likely don’t even know your name.

At KickIt Fitness / iLoveKickboxing, you will ALWAYS be working toward a body composition goal (even if that goal is just to maintain your already awesome numbers), and together we will track your progress and keep you on track. Drop off the radar for a week? Yup, you’ll hear from us. Our priority is YOU – and you need that connection with your trainer support team to stay motivated and healthy.


You’ll never workout alone at KickIt Fitness / iLoveKickboxing. We believe that group fitness (whether large group or small) pushes us harder, gets faster results, and is just a lot more fun. We celebrate wins together and support each other during the inevitable challenges. From our monthly gym-wide events to our partner drills in the workouts, community is at the heart of what we do.

The Workouts

We are committed to ensuring our clients are progressing in the three key areas of fitness: cardio, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Our group training accomplishes this through high intensity conditioning utilizing body weight and cardio kickboxing, while our semi-private training focuses on functional fitness also in a high intensity format. All sessions are suitable for all skill and fitness levels.


Hard as it is to hear, nutrition determines more of how you look and feel than does the actual exercise you do. That’s why we put such an emphasis nutrition with our clients. From our amazing meal plans to our meal prep partners and our extraordinary Prestige Labs supplement line, we help you understand and implement a nutrition program that aligns perfectly with your goals. And most importantly – a nutrition plan that you’ll actually like following!