T-12 Ultimate Body Transformation

Bill says it best himself

T-12 is about transformational change. Amazing workouts, extensive nutritional support, accountability and mindset coaching – the same coaching I received during my Olympic career, and the same coaching I have given to professional athletes and other Olympians. Let’s do this!

Who T-12 Was Created For:
People who…

…want a proven method of getting results

…are willing to move their bodies 3 days a week

…are willing to discover a new way of eating (yes you can eat the good stuff too, we’ll show you how)

…love puppies, sunshine, laughter, fun communities, Christmas presents, “fall back” time changes.

…are 100% badasses who just need a kickstart to get them going again

…realize that 12 weeks may seem like a long time but will be over before you know it, and are dedicated to larger goals than just thinking back on their lives of “that one time” they looked good…you know who you are.

Who T-12 is most definitely NOT for:
People who…

…don’t laugh at jokes

…don’t smile

…hate puppies

…hate happiness

…hate other people

…hate fun-loving supportive communities

…love traffic (eww, who are you?)

…hate sweating

…betrayed their closest friend that one time

…are NOT dedicated to their goals

…prefer giving excuses to getting results

…just sign up for things thinking the act of signing up will solve their problem.

Bill starts out working with clients through the T-12 Ultimate Body Transformation – 12 weeks to remake your fitness, nutrition, health and mindset! Use the scheduler to set up some time to discuss this remarkable program.

Bill has a knack for connecting with people regardless of their fitness level and helping them accomplish what they never thought possible.

The Street Boy Who Became An Olympic Medallist | Against All Odds

Check out Bill’s extraordinary story here




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