What We Offer


Group Fitness

Using cardio kickboxing and body weight strength training as the method, these high intensity classes build your strength and burn away fat – all one hour format. Session content changes every day, as does the music, and it is suitable to all levels of skill and fitness.



Power Fit

Working with our personal trainers in a small group setting, you will use kickboxing, kettlebells, TRX®, and more to melt away the fat and tone for a fitter, leaner you. Suitable to all levels of skill and fitness.



21 Day Free Trial

The 21 Day Free Trial is a fantastic way to “kickstart” your fitness journey – we provide the best workouts, a simple-to-follow meal plans, and most importantly – an unparalleled accountability system to support the first three weeks of your fitness journey every step of the way.




We provide nutritional consulting to all clients as part of our membership services, and offer extensive education and planning to our 6- and 12-week Challengers. Additionally, we offer the finest nutritional supplements available through our partners and Prestige Labs.



Online Personal Training

Not able to make it into the gym? Prefer a different kind of workout? Our Online Personal Training program connects you with our coaching team and holds you accountable as you realize your customized health and fitness goals. 1:1 coaching relationship, nutritional consulting and customized workout programming make KickIt’s Online Personal Training your path to the body you deserve.


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